GWU funded our research about medical image interpretation Oct 1st, 2022

Our proposal of "Deep Learning Interpretation Framework for Medical Images" has been awarded funding from GWU CDRF (FY23) - Cross Disciplinary Research Fund, $50K, PI: Fang Jin. Thanks, GWU.

Our tutorial was accepted by CIKM 2022 Oct 2022

Our Tutorial on Deep Learning Interpretation: A Data Perspective will be presented on Oct 18th, 2022 at CIKM. More details, please visit here. Thank you!

Fang Jin gave a seminar talk about "Trustworthy AI from a statistical perspective" at GWU. Sept 26th, 2022

Invited by the Chair of Computer Science Department, I gave a seimar talk titled with "Trustworthy AI from a statistical perspective" for the Trustworthy AI NRT program at GWU. Glad to have this opportunity!

FDA funded our research on COVID-19 April 25th, 2022

Our proposal was selected by FDA for founding. The full proposal name is “Leveraging Social Media Data to Extract Long-term Patient Experiences following SARS CoV-2 Infection Using Natural Language Processing”. Thank you, FDA. Fang Jin Serves as PI at GWU.

Shunyan Luo successfully passed his PhD defense. March 28, 2022

Shunyan joined Amazon after his graduation. Congratulations, Dr. Luo!

Fang Jin gave a seminar talk at Virgnia Tech. Nov 13th, 2021

I am very glad to have the opportunity to give a seminar talk in the department of Computer Science, at Virginia Tech Fall Church campus. The talk title is "Deep Learning Interpretation based on Structured Statistical Saliency".

Fang Jin served as Co-Chair of contest session at ACM SIGSPATIAL 2021. Nov 2021

I am very joyful to serve as Co-Chair in the GIS CUP session. Details can be found at here

Fang Jin served as poster session Chair at ICSA 2021. Sept 2021

I am grateful to searve as Poster session Chair at The 2021 ICSA Applied Statistics Symposium. More details can be seen at

Fang Jin served as a keynote speaker. Aug 11, 2021

Jin was invited as a keynote speaker at the Conference on Social Connections to Promote Individual and Community Resilience in Post-COVID-19 Society. She gave a seminar talk about building knowledge graph of COVID-19 using deep learning. More details can be seen at

Hongfei Du successully defended and got his Ph.D. degree July 27, 2021

Hongfei Joined Capital One. Congratulations, Dr. Du!

NIH Offers 2.2 Million to Support Our R01 Project July, 2021

PI: James Hahn, R01DK129809, “Advancing 3D optical body surface scan technology to assess physiological and psychological effects in highly obese population,” 9/1/21-8/31/25, $2,232,783. Fang Jin serves as Co-I.

ICCV 2021 conference accepted one full paper July 22, 2021

Congrats to Shunyan of his paper "Statistically Consistent Saliency Estimation"! Aceeptance Rate: 25.9%.

AAAI 2021 conference accepted one full paper Dec 2, 2020

Congrats to Hongfei of his paper "Uncertainty Quantification in CNN Through the Bootstrap of Convex Neural Networks"! Acceptance Rate: 21%.

Fang Jin joined George Washington University in the Fall of 2020 Aug 1, 2020

In the Department of Statistics at GWU, Dr. Jin will teach Deep Learning, Data Mining, Programming, and Databse.

Long Nguyen successully defended and got his Ph.D. degree June, 2020

Congrats, Dr. Nguyen! Long becomes the first phd student graduated from the Data Discovery Lab. Long will join TTU as an instructor.

Water resource management workshop July 30, 2018

Dr. Jin's group successfully hosted the 1st Workshop on Water Resource Management in Smart and Connected Communities on July 30, 2018.

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NFS offers $99,940 to support our water resource management project September 20, 2017

PI: Fang Jin, CNS-1737634, “SCC-Planning: Enhancing Water Resource Management and Infrastruc-ture Improvement through Sensing, Computation, and Community Engagement”, 9/1/2017–8/31/2019, $99,940. Thank you, NSF.

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